Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am pretty astonished I've had this blog for TWO YEARS ..(yep, Oct. 2008 was my first post) and I have never, ever mentioned my love and appreciation for director, David Lynch. Probably because most of you would be bored to tears. And, maybe have no clue who he is or why exactly I am obsessed with a director, of all things.

I grew up wanting to be an actress. I love cinema, theatre, you name it. I think it is a true art form. I also love when you can see someone's "vision" or take on the world by how they put something together. Like, a director does. Besides, a lot of people love Tim Burton (me too) so you can see the appeal a director can have.

If you are a true movie freak, you've no doubt heard of David Lynch. Most notably, he was the creator and director of the 1990 short-lived TV series, "Twin Peaks." Hands down, that show is like crack to me. I get completely consumed in the characters, the stories, the music (a good portion of my music player is TP music), the locations. I can't get enough. They even have created a "Twin Peaks Festival" in Washington (where the show was filmed) and it costs mega bucks...and I want to go. Badly. Maybe one day I will. It's on my Bucket List.

If you haven't heard of Twin Peaks, maybe you've heard of Blue Velvet? Lost Highway? The Elephant Man? Wild at Heart? Mulholland Drive? Eraserhead? Dune?......Well, do yourself a favor and check these out. They are definitely "odd" but this is WHY I love this man.

When describing him and his films to a friend once, this is what I said:

"It's like trying to solve a giant puzzle in your mind and I will dream and analyze and think on his plots for hours afterward. And, I always end up with a headache but it's a good headache." 

The coolest thing about David Lynch is that no one REALLY knows what his stories are about. They are either his own bizarre concoction (and thus, only make sense to him) or they aren't supposed to make sense...to the rest of us. 

Either way, I think he's brilliant.


Blondie said...

Great post honey! You changed the blog again? I'm so confused lol...love the look! I'm so excited you are back and thanks for adding me to your sidebar. I am trying to come up with a new blog button, but don't really know how yet. So sad you aren't on FB anymore! Love you sweetie! Kori xoxo

S. said...

Thanks so much! Yes, changed AGAIN but have now settled. I think.
I know, FB just wasn't working out for me anymore...onto bigger and brighter things! Love ya TOO! =) xo