Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning to Deal with "Others"

I have never ever been very good at keeping my thoughts to myself. Somehow or another, stuff just always slips out. Usually in a moment of boiling hot rage but sometimes when I am so shocked or taken aback that I can't refrain myself from spewing forth with a snarky retort.

Yesterday, I was pretty proud (and surprised) of myself.

As most everyone knows, I am a full time college kid these days. And when I say "kid" I actually mean I am 31.

I was sitting in my very first Social Work class. Our teacher came in and was just getting started. There were only about 5 of us in the class, when 20 minutes later in walks one of "those girls." You know - not pretty but thinks she is. Basically, she's skinny and has money judging by her bag and coat so automatically, people thinks she's attractive. But she is a total "butterface." She walked with her nose in the air, I swear to you.

*Note: Normally I am not a catty person. I rarely put people down based on their appearance. But when your inner self is ugly as hell, you'd better believe I am gonna point out how ugly you are on the outside. Call me a bitch - I don't care. I just call em like I see em.

She sat down and our teacher continued talking.

Long story short, we were discussing the rich vs. the poor in our country and how the social system treats you differently depending on which one you are. The subject of welfare programs and assistance came up. Having been on a few of them while I was pregnant and a new mom, I have the personal experience regarding these. But I got myself off of them as soon as I could. Thank god those systems were in place or else I would have been in serious trouble. I also know I am not a deadbeat. Or lazy. I work my ass off and I refuse to take advantage of the system or expect people to just give me things. That's why I am no longer using those programs.

This girl pipes up and goes off about how much better the poor have it. (???!!!)

She says they have it "good and live a better life than the rich because they don't have to pay for anything." She went on about how "the poor" get free housing, free food, free daycare, free medical, etc. Uh, yes sometimes. If you qualify. And even then, you don't get all of that. Your life is NOT better than someone with a lot of money. Dumbass.

She said a bunch of other stuff too about how "because she is a business owner, the poor are a strain on her livelihood and thus make her life more difficult so in comparison the poor have a better life." By that point, my ears were ringing and my blood was boiling.

When it comes to anything related to the social system, the opressed and any injustice in our society, I get PASSIONATE. I have a zillion opinions on it all and nothing gets me more emotional and more heated. So, obviously, this class is going to be all sorts of fun.

You could hear a pin drop in that class. The 2 girls seated next to me exchanged shocked looks with one another and I. A few minutes later, one of my girls went OFF on Ms. Snooty Pants and of course, Ms. Snooty Pants totally back-pedaled. To add a nail in the coffin - she is in a Social Work class - meaning, we all more or less want to be social workers. Would you want this girl trying to help you??? She wasn't even "sure if she wanted to be a social worker or not." My vote? Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

For me, I was astonished that I didn't spin around and give her a tongue-lashing too. But - I didn't. I was a good girl. I sat there calmly, sipping my Mountain Dew and getting a kick out of the reactions of everyone else.

I can tell this class is going to be very interesting =)


bglam said...

Just wow. Ignorant. Maybe she really needs that class! Good job at biting your tongue. That is hard for me to do too.

Anonymous said...

it totally cracked me up when you said "one of those girls, those that they think they're pretty but they're not and their inner side is ugly as hell."

when i was in l.a., i went to graduate school for school counseling, then moved to oregon and did community counseling insteady, here i am as an education coordinator for a non-profit school - i see what you mean, part of my job is to help families find services and educate them, i don't see the poor being "better" - neither do i see myself better than anyone else.

you would think this time in america we would've at least been educated about ignorance. looking forward to many posts about this class :)

Sarah said...

Brandi - I totally thought that too - maybe she'll emerge as a better person at the end. One can hope anyways. It was sooo hard to bite my tongue but then I thought, "What's the point?" She was adament about her views.

PS - Love hearing from you again - it's been wayyy too long. Always love a visit from you ♥

Sarah said...

Reni - you think a lot like me. Some people are just meant for that profession because they want to help others AND they also don't judge and hate. Way too much ignorance and selfishness going on in this country still - yucky! =)

Terry said...

what was the instructors take? could you get a feel of the direction of the class? takes all kinds, but your approach of sitting back and taking it in just might give more credence to your voice later...enjoy the challenge:)

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I am soooo glad you checked them.
People don't understand how difficult it is to be on those programs, and how people want to get off of them.

BTW, I am glad you are back on Blogger!

Sarah said...

Aunt Terry - the instructor seems to be very open. This was our very first class so it was hard to tell. But judging from the reactions of everyone else in the room, she was not very popular, lol.

Sarah said...

Ninja - why, thank you. I am glad to be back. And I have missed your blog - can't wait to get all caught up =) xo
Yes, once someone has been on those programs they know what the stigma attached is and they try like hell to get off of them. That's how I felt anyways. I didn't need anymore people judging me.

Eva said...

haha, wow, poor little rich girl syndrome if I ever did hear it!

bglam said...

I love reading your blog and I'm glad I can comment now. :) How'd class go this week?