Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you.

Today was one of those days that I did a lot of reflecting. Mainly on these last few years in my life and the important events.

*Becoming a Mom.

*Having a rather large group of friends (larger than I normally would ever have had), and enjoying being social -  which allowed me to meet lots of new and interesting people.  And also allowed me to know myself better than before. Before all this, I was just another shy goth kid. Haha!

*Learning lots of important lessons about trust, love, friendship, dreams, life and...what's really important and what is not.

It's been a really great time. But, I know that it's time to begin another chapter in my life; a better one.
I'm thrilled to have such great people around me now and I can't wait to share new adventures and experiences with them!!!
I wanted to let my loved ones know how VERY much I appreciate them. For being there, for being honest and for being good people. And, good to me and Berlyn.

My parents, my brother, Sean, my sister in law, Cari, Stephanie, Dawn, Amanda, Ivy and a few others.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being geniune and real.

I love you! :)

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Olive Owl said...

AWWW! Thanks darlin'. :)
I love you and am SO HAPPY AND EXCITED for you to go back to school and take the bull by the horns! Make the life you want for you and Berlyn.

and SO EXCITED for you to come to Texas for a visit!