Monday, November 2, 2009

It Can't Rain All the Time...

This was a very difficult post for me to write. To be objective and clear-headed whilst my emotions run rampant.

Emotions are so powerful, but, they are also only as powerful as we allow them to be.

This past year, I have lost so many things. My apartment, my job, my money, my friends, my trust in certain people, my drive and ambition, my zest for life, my hope. But, now I am standing here, in the aftermath, and I feel...better. I feel a renewed sense of self and inner strength. And, it's not by accident I feel these things. I had to make some changes; within myself.

I'm at a pivotal point now where I am teaching myself to calm down, think things through, keep my mouth shut (easier said than done at times!), keep my negativity to a minimum, be rational and be logical. It is a hard process; definitely not one you learn overnight. I struggle with it daily, as I am sure many others do too.
I was most certainly not born with an optimistic or positive nature. The attitude I have these days of calm, peace and serenity are something I've had to work very hard to have. Even harder is when life continually seems to throw obstacles, harsh words and razor blades in my path. In spite of this, I try to have a cheery disposition and put a smile on my face.

These are a few beliefs I now follow, whole-heartedly.

Karma is something I have believed in for a long time. The principle of "what goes around, comes around" not only seems fair and just...but, comforting. You want to believe that when bad things happen to good people, somehow it has to balance out.

Personal Accountability is a must. You have to be honest with yourself and not continue to blame others for your problems. I've made my share of bad decisions. I've trusted the wrong people. I've done stupid, stupid things. But, I know who I am on the inside and I know I am a good being. I am learning; that's what humans do. They evolve. And, they make mistakes.

Forgiveness is the key. Forgive those who have wronged you. Stop trying to figure out "why" and just let things "be." Believe in why it happened. Believe that it had to happen. Believe that things do happen for a reason. And, then, move on.

Greet the new day, every day, with a good attitude, an open heart and a fresh pair of eyes.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
Much love,


Blondie said...

Wow Sarah! You have had a tough year girl. I'm so sorry for everything you have had to go through. Once all that happens, you can learn from your mistakes, begin again, and are destined for a fabulous year. It sounds like you learned a lot and have been going through some changes. I hope things continue to get better every day for you friend. You are in my thoughts. Have a great day...Kori xoxo

SarahDee said...

Kori, thank you so so much for your sweet words! I'm a strong woman so I am not worried. And, I have a great family & wonderful best friends...and awesome new friends like you! :)

Miss Go Lightly said...

Life may have thrown you many curve balls but your resilience is amazing and I have no doubt that things will continue to be on the up and up for you and your beautiful daughter. There's a saying in Spanish that says 'Pa' Delante, pa' delante! para atras, ni para cojer impulso'! which translates to....Keep moving forward, keep moving forward, and don't look back, not even to catch momentum!' Have a great day doll!

Ms. B said...

I admire you for learning how to be so positive in the face of all of that negativity, something we should all aspire to do. The karma thing is very true and something I've always believed in. I've seen proof of it too many times not to believe in it.