Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

By now, if you are a Marilyn fan -- or, you aren't -- you've heard about "My Week with Marilyn," the new film coming out November 23rd starring Michelle Williams as the late and great Marilyn Monroe.

What amazes me most is how much controversy this little film has stirred up in the entertainment world. People have gotten protective, vicious and judgemental real quick with any mention of Marilyn Monroe; or someone else portraying her. {Myself included.}

The buzz started real early on, with the casting of Michelle Williams and the age old question "Is she right to play Marilyn?" Honestly, who can decide that? Isn't an actresses' job to become someone else? It has everything to do with talent and less to do with the actual resemblance. Or did I miss something in Theatre 101?

I don't know a lot about Michelle Williams, acting wise. I liked her in "Brokeback Mountain" and obviously, knew she was the love of Heath Ledger's life before his passing.

Do I think she is a good Marilyn? Yeah, I do. But that's beside the point. There is MUCH MORE to being Marilyn than the hair, the fashion and the voice. It's about attitude and believability. Judging by some of the clips I've seen, I think she's got it in the bank.

My only gripe may be with the actual storyline of the film itself. It appears to be quite dramatic and sensationalized and frankly, the only "fictitious" film about Marilyn I enjoyed and felt did her some justice was "Norma Jean and Marilyn" from 1996 (must-see, by the way!).

I just hope this movie doesn't continue to propel the false beliefs about Marilyn and her life. But, if all else fails, it will surely be entertaining!

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