Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween

Even though Halloween is naturally my favorite holiday {have you seen me?} - this year was extremely low-key.

Which, I am fine with. But I always hope that the next year will be crazy, over-the-top.  And it will be. Oh, just wait, peeps! But, it's a secret until then... ;)

For now, we did the pumpkins. Very anti-climatic, I might add.
And then the trick or treating.

That was it. No parties. No elaborate decorating. I didn't even have a "costume". Well, granted with my normal hair and make-up, people always think I'm "something or other." Halloween is the easiest day of the year for me to finally fit in!

Berlyn's costume was bought a good 2 months in advance. I had to hide it so she wouldn't  play dress up in it - it was fricking expensive!!! But it was worth it. SO CUTE!

I was especially excited about trick or treating this year because of our new neighborhood. We live in a historic district and the homes, trees, atmosphere is amazing for Halloween. We weren't disappointed!

 Until next year!

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inHERshoes said...

she is gorgeous! i cannot believe how grown up she looks like!