Thursday, July 16, 2009

~Wishful Dreaming~

My new favorite hobby has become surfing the blog super highway. There are just some AMAZING blogs out there - creative, fun, beautiful, inspiring...I can't pull myself away!!!! :O (And, I mean that boss walks up behind me & I am still looking!).

I am a huge "visual" fan; anything that is pleasing to the eye. I am obsessed with images, photos, decor, etc. Always have been. I am a person who does NOT adhere to the "minimalism school of thought" - no thank you. I like pretty things & striking visuals on my walls, thank you very much :-) Bare white walls? I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a pencil.

This is my absolute FAVORITE right now (from DesignCrush's site):

I am also in LOVE with eclectic rooms & spaces. Vintage is my cup of tea. Especially anything leaning towards the 20's-50's....I will eat it up!

Oh, and chandeliers? Forget about it - if it were possible, I'd have one in EVERY SINGLE ROOM!

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