Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving...along nicely.

Every time I start over, I hope it's going to all work out.

Does it? Rarely. But, I keep on trying. I think of myself as being that girl who continually puts her hand on a stove to see if it's hot and keeps trusting and hoping but keeps getting hurt.

Regardless, I don't care. I'll be that way until I die and I would never change that about myself.

So, with great excitement I am announcing wonderful new changes in mine and Berlyn's lives. It's not gigantic or earth-shattering by any means, but well, it's good. And I am excited so...*sticks tongue out*

We are moving into a new house. Granted, it's a rental and it's not in the town I had hoped to live one day but, for now, it works and it will be perfect.

Oh, and the house was built in 1915. Um, so cool! It's so vintage and tailor-made for me because of my love of vintage. The possibilities are endless in this new abode and I can't wait to decorate, paint, buy retro pieces and more. I definitely could be an interior decorator if the Psychology thing didn't pan out.

*I have to mention, I asked the landlord if the house was haunted. He was dead silent for a long time and just stared at me. I still don't know if his silence meant "yes, it is haunted" or "this girl is a whack job." 

Speaking of, school has been horrific. Out of my 5 classes, I am pretty sure I am failing 2 and 1 hangs in the balance but, I knew I was taking on too much and it has now been proven. I guess I can't do everything. Next semester, I am taking some cake classes - and only 2 - so I should be able to recharge and go nuts in the Fall.

And, such is my life, things constantly surprise me when I least expect them too. The job I have had for only 2 months has proven to be a godsend. Not only do I love LOVE my co-workers, I am already on the fast track to a promotion, a raise and who knows what else! The money is nothing to laugh at either.

Finally. I am getting some kind of recognition for my skills and all my hard work. It is so exhilarating!

I can't wait to start posting about my new home and all the neat stuff still to come in 2011. No matter what hurdles I have to jump, I always know things have a funny way of working out.

PS: In even better news, my ex and I are on the road to working out some things. It's been an entire year and a half since we've had ANY contact whatsoever but we both feel it is time to move on and see what the future holds. I can't tell you all how happy this makes me. I can finally put (some of) my past to rest.


Anonymous said...

you're juggling way too many things at the same time, so not all of them will fall right into place. we are all human after all, however, i'm glad that you are seeing the good side of it, especially your work and other skills that you have. that is just awesome! *high five*

Sarah said...

Totally agreed, Reni. Thanks for your encouragement, sweetie! =)

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Sounds like everything is coming along well. New job, new place. Don't you love when things just fall into place?

Take care,