Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Things I Love ( Jan. 2011 Edition )

1. Psychology Today magazine.

I just subscribed (finally) and feel like I am about to explode awaiting that first issue.

2. Spongebob.

I have dreams about Spongebob. I hear his hideous laugh all the time. I even have started saying “Oh barnacles!!!” when I am angry. And you know what? I’m okay with all of this; Spongebob is alright by me.

3. Red Couches.

Among the many neat items on my “dream home list”, a red, retro couch is a definite future purchase. I am dying to own one very similar to this. And soon I will!

4. Cat-Gasm

I have mentioned my love for a few times. Recently, I stumbled across this blog and I am in cat heaven!

5. Canon PowerShot

Meet my soon-to-be new edition! I’ve had the same crappy, cheap camera for almost 3 years. It’s definitely time for an upgrade.

6. Vintage Swimwear

Over at Cats Like Us, I found this! I foresee myself wearing this around summertime =)

7. Paying my bills.

Pretty self-explanatory. Once you’ve gone from having zero money to having some – and you can, you know, have your phone turned back on or put gas in your car – it’s a really nice feeling.

8. Being called “honey” by your 3 year old.

I have taught her well. My daughter now ends nearly every sentence to me with “Ok, honey?” Cracks me up.

9. XM Satellite Radio on DIRECTV - The Jazz Station(s)

This is on, day and night, in my house. I wish I could take it everywhere with me.

10. Energy Drinks

Having recently given up “the booze”, I now down a few of these a day. No worries; the caffeine doesn’t really phase me. And I love the taste (and zero calories) that these have.


Anonymous said...

i use to subscribe with psychology today - now you're making me want to renew my long lost subscription with them.

Sarah said...

I can't believe I've never had one to begin with, lol!