Friday, January 21, 2011

You know you are a grown-up when....

Lately I am finding myself being more adult than usual. Sure, I still laugh at stupid, morbid crap, and I love to drool over hot guys just like the next girl. Annnnd, I may still indulge in a tantrum or two but overall, my immature and selfish days are over.

Here is a short list of how I know I have grown-up...

1. You own items of clothing that require dry-cleaning.

2. You'd rather stay "in" on a Friday/Saturday night, watch Nickelodeon or TLC instead of party.

3. You have thought about (or started) a "Five Year Plan." (Guilty)

4. You dream about purchasing furniture / appliances / electronics / decor rather than clothes. Or booze.

5. You choose friends based on the fact that they are: intelligent, nice, supportive, have lots in common with you and are actually going somewhere with their lives.

6. You've made a checklist of your ideal mate. And, turned down dates because the guy didn't meet the criteria.

7. You start to realize that people that are mean to you, talk badly about you or act like you mean nothing are really just jealous of you. Haters, keep on hatin'. =)

8. You realize there's more to life than gossip, sex or acting like a spoiled brat.

9. You start making travel plans to places like Paris, Italy and Japan. (YAY!)

10. You finally call all those creditors you have owed money to for years. And plan on paying them. For real.


Anonymous said...

love this "grown-up list" - #2, is most def, maybe without the nick tv for me, but down time/alone time on a friday night is important to me every now and then. #4,5,6,7,8,9 - YES! thank goodness i've never had any creditors that i've had to call back.

Sarah said...

Nice to have another "grown up" around - and very nice to meet you, sweetie. Thanks for the visit!