Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, Again.

Hi Friends!

So, I am back. At my original blog here on Blogger. Again.

I ditched WordPress because frankly, it was kinda dumb. I won't go into it but after all the posting and privacy issues, I decided - why turn your back on a good thing? Blogger was nothing but kind to me so, here I am!

On a personal note, haha, I am trying not to "over share" sooo much about me all the time. And when I say that what I really mean is all of my "inner stuff" - not my life events, because those of course I am gonna share! I'm proud of myself.

But, when it comes to the way my mind works and processes things, I've noticed that others just don't see the way I do. And I am totally fine with that. It's really nothing new for me.

I have had a crazy year already and about 90% of it has been super fantastic stuff. I still have my down days, like everyone else who has a pulse, and now they just remind me that I am human and I am allowed to have an off day every once in awhile. And then, I just pick myself up and stomp on, baby.

Today I was reminded of several things.

1. I am a woman and an American so I am entitled to many freedoms. With that being said, I can change my mind, I can decide things for myself and I can practice freedom of speech and expression.

2. Not only am I a woman, I am a grown ass one. And a damn good one. I don't need other's permission or judgments on how to conduct my life.  Thankyouverymuch. =)

3. I am a lover. Always will be and nothing can or will change that. If you hurt me? I will walk away from you and find someone else to love. It's that simple. I think revenge, game-playing and being clingy/needy are a total waste of time.

4. I seriously can't believe what the power of positive thinking (and planning) can do. I am dumbfounded over how well things have progressed just in a matter of months when I decided to a) change my thinking and b) change my actions. I now know that your state of mind translates into what kind of life you will have.

5. I love being a student. I could see myself doing it for the next 5 years. And actually, I probably will. I have my sights set on a Bachelor's and  to reach even higher, that Masters has my name on it. There is literally nothing that can stop me.

I have posted a few of my posts from over at WordPress from December/January. Feel free to "catch up" with me and I hope you'll all continue to visit!

Much love and warm wishes,


Anonymous said...

hi sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. well, dear lady - looks like you and i have quite a bit in common, being l.a. girls, and walking valley girls! lol i totally agree with you on #1, 2 and 3. i'm no longer a student, but i loved every bit of it, even if the annoying home works cut into my social life :)

Sarah said...

We DO have much in common! I loved your blog, btw and I will be back. A lot.
We need to exchange some stories sometime.... ;)

Anonymous said...

absolutely! my best friend moved to meridian, idaho a few years back, then to kuna, and now they're back in clarkston, wa. i've seen boise when i visited her three times the past couple of years. pretty cool little town you go there.