Friday, October 9, 2009 Exhale.

One of my top "go to" flicks of all-time when I feel down (or discouraged) is "Waiting to Exhale" (*it's also GREAT for after, or during, a break-up!).
It's based on a book that I have yet to read, but the movie is awesome.
It gets its title from a scene (or line) in the story, in which after searching through and dating countless men (losers), Whitney Houston is dancing with a man she believes could be "The One." So, she exhales. She let's all her fears & inhibitions go.

The basic message of the movie (that I get from it is), in all walks of life, women should be happy with being Independent, rather than Co-dependent. That's a toughie for a lot of ladies, me included.
I think it's all about being content with what you have. Today. Not what you used to have. Not what you want to have, or think you are entitled to have. But, what it truly is. Part of being content is knowing what you have to be happy about and appreciative of.

2009 was (and has) not been my year. But...things are turning around, right before my eyes. Lots of wonderful things are occuring as a result.

I, now with the help of my parents, Dave Ramsey and a "behavioral change" in the way I view finances, am about to tackle my D-E-B-T once and for all. Just the thought of knowing I will be debt-free sometime in the near future is the most peace I've felt in ages.

I am going to go back to school in a few months. I will be 30 years old. A mother. Single. And, living with my parents. But, I get to go back to school and make something of my life. I get another chance, which many people never get! I'm so grateful.

I ♥ the weather right now. My daughter makes me laugh & feel such joy & pride. My family's love and support makes me feel warm and peaceful. My best friends add just a little "something" every day to make my life better. My new, comfy bed let's me sleep well and sound. The holidays are right around the corner. Just little things can make such a huge difference when you are able to see the good.

And, the biggie? Issues that have plagued my self-esteem and self-conscious for a long while; they've simply seemed to vanish. {You have to pick your battles, people. Some things just aren't worth your mental health & well-being!}

*Shrugs shoulders* Eh, I just don't care anymore. Not in a "I'm pissed and I don't effing care!" way, more of a "Yeah, it's cool...I'm over it" way).
Those "demons" don't affect me any longer.

I can breathe.

I can exhale.



purnells making memories said...

I love your comments that you leave so uplifting, (to the point, which I really like) and it helps you look at things a little bit differently than you normally would. ;)

Terry said...

I know that you are looking at a psych major when you return to college, but... you have a very unusual talent with the written word, and I can't help but think that writing is also in your future.

Stephanie said...

BRAVO HONEY! I think this is one of your best blogs ever!
I can see a Real change in you with this:)
I think that spending habits/debt, the way you view yourself, and putting too much into other people that aren't true friends are all things you have to let go and like you said "exhale." :)
As you evolve through life you find trivial things just aren't worth our time:D It really leaves room for the important stuff and the fabulous, wonderful stuff!

Olive Owl said...

I agree, Steph, this is one of the best ever and I love it! So happy for you!! xoxo
oh, and, you got a new bed? nice!