Thursday, October 15, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Halloween Memories

What is your most memorable Halloween memory/story/costume? Tell us about it.

For as long as I can remember, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. Since childhood I have been fascinated, obsessed and enthralled by everything supernatural or horror-related. My earliest memories are of watching "Poltergeist", writing stories about my great-grandpa's "haunted house" or reading those "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" books for pre-teens. I naturally, have an affinity for vampires and witches. And, I also have naturally (almost) black hair. When I was 16, working as a cashier at MacFrugals, a little girl said loudly, to her Mother "That lady looks like a witch, Mommy!". Gee, you think so?

I could go on for literally, hours on this subject. But, I'll spare you.

Which brings me to my assignment:
What was my most memorable Halloween?

Well, mine was about 2 years ago. I had just had my daughter and needed to, not only, get out of the house but also felt the need to get back into all the goth-y and freaky things I once was such a fan of. I talked my sister-in-law, Cari into going to the local "HAUNTED WORLD" out in the fields of Idaho. It's one of those creepy mazes in a cornfield with tons of special effects, creatures in costumes that follow you (with chainless chainsaws) and all that kind of stuff. It's great; I love it. Cari...not so much. We were out in the middle of a cornfield, following the dark, muddy path along with a group of other thrill-seekers. I couldn't see a damn thing. And then, we heard the chainsaw off in the distance. Cari FREAKED. We had been linked by our arms but she threw hers up in the air, while sending me and my purse flying into the cornfield. She took off like a rocket. I was left scrambling, trying to find my purse..with my car keys, ID and phone in the muddy blackness. People kept passing me as I walked deeper into the cornfield trying despretely to find my little black purse.

Finally, my hands found it and I was over-joyed. And relieved. We were out in the middle of about 40 acres of corn & dirt. But, "we" wasn't correct. Cari was gone. Now I had the task of trying to find her. I jogged up the path, all while dodging psychopaths and werewolves trying to find my sister-in-law. Seeing her nowhere nearby, I started calling her name "Cari, Cari!". This caused a bigger problem. People started curling away from me and screaming, like I was part of the attraction. What the....? Oh, I get it. "Carrie" the Stephen King book/movie. I was, after all, in a scene directly out of "Children of the Corn". Duh.

I did find her. And, we laughed our butts off at what had happened. I went the following year with some friends and, trust me, I hung onto my friend as tightly as I could and...I did not bring my purse.

This year? It's all about Berlyn. As it should be.
My last Halloween was a little hedonistic, even for me. What happened you ask? Let's just put it this way: I danced and drank the night away, all whilst making out with a 50 year old guy who's costume was "Junkie Spice" *shudder* and then, losing my glued on fangs (I was a vampire) while dancing with a really cute guy. He left me on the dance floor.

It was quite an evening.


Michelle Marie said...

lmao. i did something similar to my mom. except that the chainsaw guy kept asking me my name and i grabbed a hold of my mom and started pulling her down on top of me (like what - kill her not me?!). then when we were finally allowed to go after i told him my name the ghost girl at the next station greeted me by my name and i almost started crying.

Olive Owl said...

omg! I had so much fun with you last Halloween! :) Vampire sisters!
I was supposed to meet you at the haunted world maze the year you lost your purse... your phone died & we couldn't get ahold of each other, remember? I'm glad it was memorable and fun for you! I was scared witless, I do remember that!


SarahDee said...

Dawn, hahahaha...we had the BEST Halloween last year, you and me :) I will never forget it! I love you, girl!

Michelle, are you saying the chainsaw guy was the girl at the gas station?! Hahahaha...I wish YOU had a blog. Maybe you should start one.....*hint hint* :)