Monday, December 6, 2010

I need to focu....oh, look a squirrel!!!!

This is the week before Finals Week. For some reason, last year about this time, my finals weren't nearly as scary. But then I remember that I had dropped 2 of my classes and I only had 2 finals. This year I have 3 (and a 1/2). The 1/2 would be a giant portfolio for my hard-ass Nazi English teacher and I am more freaked out about that than my other 3 finals combined. What the? Thankfully, I now just have one more essay to write for her and then she is outta my life forever!

Ugh. If I can just get through these next 2 weeks (without all the other distractions in my life) then I will have 12 more credits accumulated, have an entire month off from school and get to actually enjoy Christmas.
On a sour note, I get to spend that month off job hunting and planning to find my own place. Again. I swear, I cannot wait for the day when I can FINALLY set some real roots down somewhere. I didn't get the nickname "gypsy queen" for nothing!

The next month or so I *hope* to be very relaxed....and focused. Lots to accomplish in the new year and as always, I am not a patient person! Haha. Regardless, I am on the right path. Yay me!


Ninjagaiden78 said...


I have been thinking about planting roots myself because I may go backpacking for X amount of months and will let go of my place. I think as you get older, it gets a little tougher to move around. You get established somewhere, gain a "framily" and become settled. I don't know, it just gets harder and harder.

Sarah said...

Where would you be back-packing?? That is one of my dreams. Travel for the rest of my days. I agree - I've been in Idaho for 15 years and I have lots of friends here. But I still have a major desire to see the world.