Friday, February 4, 2011

Breathe in, breathe out.

Ohmygoodness. I am so tired.

Life lately is equivalent to a speeding train. Or, more accurately I am like a speeding train.

Which - I am not complaining. No way.

What's now happening is I am finally functioning at my full capacity. And it feels really good. Being busy is something I needed in my life. Having too much time to think and not act gets old quick and can start to wear on a person.

This past week I have literally not been able to catch my breath.

I wake up every morning - including the weekends - at 430 AM.
On workdays, I arrive at work by 7, work until 4 (which entails non stop typing, accounting and other office stuff), then I go directly to one of my night classes two times a week, including a full day of classes on Saturday and then, there's the homework.
It's the most overwhelming semester for me already. The workload is immense. I barely finish one week's assignments and then it's time to begin the next week. I have seriously contemplated pulling an all-niter but every time I attempt it, I pretty much just pass out. I am a night owl no longer. Sigh.

And, I can't ever leave out being a full time parent. But, everyone already knows that about me.

What they may not know is that I am not the mother of a docile, calm little child. No, what I have is an active, tiny tornado of a girl who refuses to sit still (or be quiet) for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Who gets into everything she can fit her little body or hands into and she does not enjoy when mommy has to go to class, do homework or do anything that means I am not paying attention to her. {And it is seriously hard not to pay attention to her - have you seen her? She is SO CUTE!}

In addition to the flurry of activity, there are all the life changes - new finances, friendships, daily rituals and what not. I am surprised constantly by how my life is evolving and I am seriously over the moon about it. I feel happy for the first time in a loooooong time.

One thing I am really excited about?  My upcoming "visit" to a Buddhist Temple here in Boise. I will be attending for two reasons: to write a paper for my Social Work class and because, well, I want to be a Buddhist. There - I said it. Um, meditation, incense and Buddha? Sign me up! 

To put it in a nutshell - I love my job. I love being in school. I love being single and I love the direction I am headed in. I am genuinely excited about things and look forward to making plans and taking the steps to get to where I need to be.
Unfortunately, there is always the unexpected. Recently there have been two events that have really made me have to stop and compose myself. I won't go into them because it's not anyone else's business - unless you are close to me. I don't want to be a negative nancy all the time so there are some things I will keep to myself. But it makes me realize, even in the calmest of storms, life can be chaotic and ever-changing.

Much love, friends. I haven't had hardly any time to blog or even think about blogging but I will try to stop by once a week or so.... xoxo


Anonymous said...

hey girl, you just made me re-live my graduate school experience. work from 7-4, then classes from 5-9:30. but i loved being in school, it can be a pain but the experience is priceless. this week has been busy for me as well, granted i'm done with school and all, but busy. i usually get to work between 9-9:15. but this week, 8am meetings, back to back to back. so i see the world aka my desk around noon. by then, i mostly catch up with a bazillion e-mails, phone calls, and that thing called paper work. then i look at the clock, geezz, it's almost 5:30. sigh. hope you get to relax this weekend. any plans?

Sarah said...

I've been able to relax a bit, amazingly enough. Haha. And I do have intention of making it to grad school - but, we will see. It's a long ways away and a lot of money.... =)