Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Freedom! Kind of...

"Keep it simple, stupid."

{No, I'm not talking to you....I'm talking to myself.}

Lately, this saying has been going through my head. I never realized just how tied down by social networking I was until these last few days. I have this "to do list" I've mentioned, meant to simplify my life and empower me yet I can't break myself away from checking my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc etc etc. I know, I know...I have this blog but this blog was meant to update my family and friends on mine and Berlyn's lives.

So, I deleted those other sites. This isn't the first time I've done this. But, something is different this time.

Main reasons?

*I miss having some privacy. And power over who sees what I write/post.

*I am sick to death of getting my feelings hurt because I'm sensitive and I have to see or read something that upsets me on FB.

*And, I am tired of being invisible. You know how it goes...you log on and your friends are talking to everyone BUT you? Oh, I'm sorry. Am I boring to you? Didn't realize I had cooties.
Or, you have the privilege of seeing the photos from the party YOU were not invited to? Yeah, that stings.

*Not to mention, having people block you. Yes, I am serious. I've done it myself and it hurts a lot when it's done to you. And, quite frankly, it's really juvenile and way too junior high. I regret doing it to others so I can't complain that it was done to me. But, seriously, enough with the games.

*And honestly, I feel like sometimes we share too much on the internet now. What happened to mystery? I'm sure I am coming off as a total hypocrite because, after all, I have this blog but I started this blog for myself. I like to write, I like to rant and I like having a record of my life.

In conclusion, I'm a grown woman, I am busy (hello, 3 year old!) and I have better things to do with my time than get wrapped up in this social "nonsense". Especially when it's hurtful and makes me feel bad about myself.

If I am going to be online, I rather surround myself with people that actually give a damn...or at least, make an attempt to communicate with me. Otherwise, it seems kinda pointless.

Have a great day everyone...and get out there and LIVE a little (off the computer)! ♥

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