Monday, May 9, 2011

It's all in the Art.

So, its safe to say – art is not my strong point. And secretly, I have always longed to be one of those people who could draw, doodle, paint a masterpiece or something even remotely cool. 

But, I can’t. My brother can. He’s amazing. And my sister? She is a crafting WIZ. Like, made me a porcelain doll from scratch not to mention custom made “Gone with the Wind” Barbie clothes when I was little. Apparently it’s in the genes. It just didn’t transfer to ME.

Recently, while unpacking into my new house, I came across an old tablet of watercolor paper and paints my mom had bought me about 15 years ago – mainly because I desperately wanted to attempt “art” but soon realized – I just sucked.
When I opened it, I was almost knocked over with horror and well, horror when I saw a “painting” I did when I was about 17 (?) – god, there are no words.


Well, maybe grotesque. 

I obviously can’t make art.

You’ve been warned, peeps – here it is, in all it’s….errr, glory?

So, there’s that.
How do I explain this? Ummmmm. I am a former goth? I have no perception or idea of how to draw a human face? Not even sure if that was meant to be a man or a woman. And the palm tree? Must be a subconscious thing - I miss California :( Other than that - I can't even defend myself on this one.

And then, this past weekend, my daughter expressed her interest in doing a painting. So, I said, “why not?”
I was pretty pleased with the result. She is 3 and honestly, her first attempt far surpassed my own.
Here’s her's:

Abstract, for sure. I LOVE it.

Maybe one day I will try again. I just hope and pray that it doesn’t turn into something that gives others nightmares. But, then again, art is a personal thing and one man's nightmare is another's man art - right? 

Yeah, not mine. That's for sure.

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