Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making friends...with enemies.

I can’t believe I am blogging about this, but, this is the kind of stupid crap that is part of my day to day life – so, enjoy?

Suffice it to say – if you’ve spent any prolonged amount of time with me, the subject of birds has come up. More accurately, my absolute fear, loathing, disgust and horror of birds.

I can’t even pinpoint the exact moment when birds began to bring about such terror in me but it could have been the time I was 2, sitting in Washington DC with my parents, and got swarmed by pigeons. Or it could have been all the seagulls that terrorized us kids on the playground/lunch area of our California elementary school – making us run, duck, hide, and scream to get away from the attacks for our tater tots or dive-bombing us to poop on us. I saw it happen more than once and it wasn't pretty.

But it could have easily been seeing the movie “The Birds” too. Seriously, how could anyone like birds after seeing that?!

Whatever it was, I just don’t like them. If they ever get too close to me, I freak OUT. I sometimes cry, usually just whimper. And always get as far away from them as possible. 
Once, my ex and I sat on the patio of Red Robin one summer evening and he lured a GIANT goose over with a french fry and was trying to get it as close as he could to me. I nearly committed a murder, I was that upset.

So, it surprised me when – just last night – I realized a pigeon (of all things) had made a little “home” not 4 feet from my back door. In the trellis of my soon to be grapes, I might add.
Something inside me said “Let it stay. Maybe you can conquer this fear, once and for all.”

Hmmm. Stranger things have happened.

So far, the past few mornings that I forget it is there, I walk to my car and it flaps away furiously scaring the living shit outta me. But, I know it’s probably just as scared of me as I am of it. Riiiiight.

Here “she” (he, it? I have no idea, nor do I care..) is: (I just call it "Pidgie" for now....)

UPDATE!!!!!: True to my "airheaded-ness", I realized soon after this post that this was actually a DOVE, not a pigeon. Yeah, I am so smart.

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