Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Focus on your Personal Strengths, Not All the Weaknesses

We all get caught up in what we aren't good at, or need improvement with or we are weak in...but, why don't we focus more on what we are naturally, instinctivly good (and strong) at? It's beyond me!

These are some great tips, ones I am definitely going to follow from this point forward, on how to focus on the good rather than the negative. It's all about changing your pattern of thinking; and that is never an easy task. But it is one with many rewards!

Strengths contain your greatest potential for growth - It's so intuitive - "I'm worst at tasks involving my weaknesses, so my greatest potential for development is in these areas. If I work on those things, I'll become rounded!" Too bad it's incorrect. Your strengths represent your natural ways of responding to the world; by going 'with the grain', instead of against it, you'll find it easier to perform the amount of practice necessary to reach expertise in your chosen field.

Strengths lead to flow - 'Flow' is that special state, also called 'the zone', where you lose track of time, you become one with what you're doing, and your sense of self comes out stronger at the end. Activities involving your strengths are more likely to lead to this state. You'll produce better work, you'll do it more quickly, and of course, flow is also an enjoyable experience in itself.

People who use their strengths become happier - Strength-use leads to happiness. Achieving this happiness means both finding tasks that are suited to your strengths, and finding ways to involve your strengths into the tasks that you do.

You'll make a better leader - The idea that there's a specific mold people must fit to be a great leader is old-fashioned, and unsupported by recent research. Effective leaders are conscious of their own strengths, and build their teams around them. This creates a working environment that's more productive, and that's more conducive to collaboration.

**Remember to focus on the good parts of you, not what you need to "fix".

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