Monday, July 20, 2009

Be Happy: Monday

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday! Here's to a brand new, wonderful week!

I'm gonna be busy this coming week;
Lots of plans with my girlfriends involving "Twin Peaks" & "Sex and the City" and a Sonic Youth concert! Woohoo!

Weekend Update: My Sunday evening was rather eventful! I went to visit my parents (without my daughter) and we sat out on the deck, in the sunshine; listening to 70s easy listening, eating BBQ chicken & fried zucchini (yum!). Then, we sat down to watch "Miss Potter", such a darling movie! I laughed so hard when my dad (who likes to do sound effects from time to time), said "Jemima the Puddle duck" in a very heavy, Southern drawl (Lol...maybe you just had to be there?).
I was getting ready to leave when we decided to see if I,in fact, had the Beatrix Potter books in my baby storage in the garage....I did! We also found an essay I had written when I was 10, about my Dad, I won an award for it. And it was titled "My Dad is a Motorcycle Maniac!" hahahahahaha! True Story.

I went to pick up my little baby girl, from her Dad's house. She sat up, bleary-eyed & smiled. I picked her up & immediately....she threw up all over me. And herself. And the bed. Sigh. How are you supposed to feel sexy & glamorous when you're covered in baby throw-up? It's a mystery.

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