Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Bachelor(ette) Pad, Living Room

I've seen tons of other bloggers doing these: showcasing rooms in their homes. I think it is so neat! Obviously, mine is nothing like theirs. I live in an apartment. I am financially-challenged. I really don't own many possessions. But, I do like what I have and am always looking for ways to be creative and mix things up! Any feedback would be appreciated!

My living room sitting area:
*slipcover from Wal-Mart..this couch is pretty hideous underneath but sooo comfy!
*vintage (and other) movie posters...I would plaster the walls if I had more
*the sofa table is covered with "family photos" of mine & my roommates. Mainly, our glamorous Grandmas!

This is the other side of the living room, the most important part (with the TV!):
*You can also see one of my prized possessions; a turntable!

My "office corner" (note the wine glass on table, haha!):
FYI: my Mom painted that pic above my computer! And, my daughter contributed to the artistic "scribbles" on my Marilyn Monroe calendar. Thanks honey!

Aaaaaand, then there's Kiera. She is also 2 years old (yes, I've got TWO 2 year olds!!) and she is the Queen of the Sofa -

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Cynthia said...

Keira looks like she thinks she is not only the queen of the sofa but the queen of the whole house...but then again don't all cats (especially siamese)?