Thursday, December 2, 2010

Destruction, baby.

Being a mom, I don't ever really know what is considered "normal" behavior for a toddler. I have my own opinions but then I look at other kids and think, "Wow, mine is so....different." Not that that's a bad thing. I rather like that she is. But sometimes I wonder...She is a pretty intense little girl, lol.

Lately Berlyn has taken to tantrums and lots of whining, screaming and crying. It is awful. I can't even tell you how awful. You just want to have a pause button for them sometimes so you can go in the other room and breathe.
What's worse than the tantrums though is when they start to destroy your stuff. I am not that materialistic, really. But I do have certain things that I own that I am very sentimental about and get upset when they are obliterated. Naturally, who wouldn't be?

Case in point: Last year my Siamese cat got on top of my kitchen cabinets and knocked down several very unique and special items. One was a bowl from Japan - my grandparents gave it to me. And the other? A crystal wine glass with my name and the date of my friends (Stan and Stephanie)'s wedding. They had it made just for me, when I was 6. Oh, and Stan died when I was 12. It was irreplaceable. I cried for days, literally. I'm still pissed at my cat.

So anyways, back to Berlyn. In the last few weeks she has destroyed two of my prized possessions. And I am terrified of what she gets to next. God help me.

Here's the far:

Art Deco vase I've had forever.

Limited Edition print of Marilyn - (luckily the marks are only on the frame.) But still.
**UPDATE** 12.07.10

Here's another one. Sheesh! Do I need to buy a giant vault for my stuff or what?!

My soccer trophy. The little guy will never be the same.

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