Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haters.....thanks for stopping by!

Yesterday, I got my first taste of anon harassment. Or, terrorism as I would call it.

Someone, not sure who, left a rather harsh and uncalled comment on one of my postings and it made me angry.

I deleted the comment and went on with my day.

But, the more I thought about it I realized either this was someone I know/knew or it really was some loser who has nothing better to do with their time than to stalk people, make judgments and act like a fool.

Freedom of speech – sure. I get it. But, seriously people. Get. A. Life.

With that being said, if you are someone who is from my past (meaning, you aren’t in my life any longer and I don’t WANT you in my life) – fuck off. Get over yourself.

And if you are someone who just happened to “stumble across my blog” like you claim – which I believe is bullshit – then GET A HOBBY. Find something better to do than judge other people, and fill the world with your cruelness, hate and nastiness.

You aren’t welcome here, whomever you are.

{*To give you a quick synopsis of what this comment said - not only was my character attacked, but someone actually took the TIME to go and look up my criminal record - which is public record, I remind you. The people who know me? - they already know alllll about it all. Haha. Nice try if you were trying to "expose me" or whatever.
I was also told that I should "do the World a favor and never become a social worker." That I was a "self-involved drunk" and that my blog was nothing more than "self-involved bs and I should go into small engine repair as it suited my skill set a bit more". Um, yeah.}

So, to respond - My life? It’s good. I’m happy. Sorry to disappoint you, whoever you are.

Am I “self-involved?” Haha, probably! – who the hell isn’t? It’s how the world operates. Anyone who has a blog, a Facebook, etc. could easily be called self-involved….and why is that a bad thing?

Definition? "..absorbed in one's own thoughts, activities, or interests" - Wow, I am such a bitch. I must be the only person in the World who acts this way. LOL!

Regarding being a social worker - excuse me - do you KNOW me? if you did, you'd already know that I am empathetic, loving and kind-hearted. I care about people and their mentality more than I care about my own. Last I checked, to be an outstanding social worker you NEED to have some personal experience to relate to others and you know, have gone through LIFE.

Small engine repair, huh? Sounds way more fitting to someone like you, darling.

At least I have a dream and I am improving my life and hopefully others someday.

And, so what if I have a past? WHO CARES? I never claimed to be perfect - not by a long shot. I've been honest with everyone I know. I've also taken the necessary steps to correct those mistakes and move on with my life. You should try it sometime.

I am filled with nothing but positivity and love, baby – at least I am DOING SOMETHING with my life. If that makes me a target, then so be it =)

PS - Leaving hateful comments only speaks volumes about YOU, not me. Think about how that makes YOU look. Idiot.

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