Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Year Later

So, it's been one year.
One year since I lost a lot of people in my life who, at one time, were my world.
I still have mixed feelings. I miss them but I am still hurt. I still wish things were different and I struggle with understanding WHY things turned out the way they did.
But, this past year has been a soul-searching one for me, and inspired much reflection.
People come into your life for a reason. For a lesson, for support, for guidance, for love. And, then, sometimes they go. You can't regret this, it's just a part of life.
To all those who are now gone from my life, I wish you well and hold your memory dear.


Miss Go Lightly said...

Very well said Sarah! Glad that you peeked in :) hope you and Berlyn are doing well!

SarahDee said...

Thank you sweetheart! I've missed ya, hope you are well too =)