Thursday, September 30, 2010

Never say Never.

I'm back....for how long? I have no idea. But, I missed my little blog. And, so many of my friends now have their own blogs and I want to be a part of it too, darnit! =)

So, this year has been QUITE eventful. Nothing major, just burning the candle at both ends. Berlyn is 3, I am in school full-time (12 credits) and I am still single. That just about wraps it up, haha!

I wrote this today, kind of shows my frame of mind right now....

"I love that every day, I learn something new.
I love that I have some beautiful souls who enrich my life and don’t hurt me.
I love that I am on track with my goals and my life is getting better every day.
I love that I am a grown woman and no longer feel the need to “play games” or hurt others.
I love that I see beauty everywhere I look.
I love that one day (soon) my life will be complete and nothing will be able to ruin it again."

Hope all are having a wonderful day! xoxo

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