Friday, October 29, 2010


In the last few years (with the exception of the Halloween of 2008), I haven't really been in the true Halloween spirit. Which is a total shame since it is undisputedly my FAVORITE holiday. A lot of it usually has to do with the fact that I am unhappy with my body and refuse to dress up. Haha. I know most women would relate. It takes the fun out of the holiday if you can't "sex" it up, ya know? Isn't Halloween the holiday when "women can look like total sluts and get away with it"? Ugh..don't get me started. I could rant for days.

But this year, my daughter is finally at the perfect age for Halloween and Christmas. She is curious, she is excited and quite honestly, it's fun to mess with her. When I explained Halloween to her one day she FREAKED OUT. Like, jumping up and down, squealing freaking out. I would too if someone had just told me you walk up to any rand0m house and demand free candy and get to wear a snazzy costume.

Simply put, I am really excited to have a "Mommy Halloween" this year. Making it all about HER. Besides I watch horror movies and dress in black year round. Halloween is everyday for me! My brother, sister in law and Mom are all taking Berlyn out trick or treating and I can't wait!

Next year, I hope to attend a decadent Halloween party and wear my Lily Munster costume. But, that can wait..and also, give me enough time to actually fit into the costume.

Hope everyone has a SAFE and Happy Halloween! Love you.

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