Monday, October 18, 2010

Get a Job.

Oh, the sordid topic of employment. Like so many others out there, I struggle with this concept. Not because I feel I am above one or don't need one....but, you know. There is more to life! I am a dreamer, to put it simply. I would rather watch an inspiring film, or get lost in a song...or a book. Or write. Or travel. Or play with my daughter and watch Disney movies. I want MORE from life than punching a clock. But sadly, it is a necessity and I am no different than anyone else.

After spending the last 10+ years fighting tooth and nail in the "corporate playground" I hung up my hat to try education instead. Going to school was a giant step (and risk) for me at this point in my life. After all, I am no spring chicken. And, I have responsibilities. Uck. I hate that word. But with responsibilities comes great things: being a mom, being productive and making a difference. And...*shudder*...growing up.

So, I am on the job hunt....AGAIN. This time around, I only care that it has a paycheck and, well...that's about it. I went back to school because I want to be passionate about what I do in my life. I don't want to be 60 years old and waking up every morning, loathing what I have to do. That terrifies me! I know, one day, however far off it is, I will be content and fulfilled with what I do for a living. Today is not it.


wendyjust4u said...

You know it took me ages to find the job of my dreams (by accident). You are doing this the right way. You won't spend FOREVER chasing the wrong dream, the one you "think" you should have. Smart YOU!!! Wish I had figured this out at your age. Once you are able to work in the field of your passion, all other past employment pales in comparison.(Note "PASSION" as opposed to "CHOICE". H-U-G-E difference!!!!) My prayers are with you. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

C. Lane Blackmer said...

We both talked about Disney on the same day!!! love it!

As far as work goes and educatioin paths, I learned that going to school for, and working in a field of something I LOVE, ended up making me hate doing it. From me to you, find something you like to do and keep your LOVES your Hobbies!