Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Adventures of BerMonster: The Origin

Even though Berlyn is only 3 (and a half), she has a long list of nicknames. This all started a few years back when a friend of mine was very clever with names and dubbed her "BerMonster". We quickly figured out we could literally tack on anything to "Ber" and it worked. Case in point.

Her 1st Halloween costume was a lion = BerLion
Had her pic taken at the fair with a lamb = BerLamb
Her first birthday party? = BerPrincess
After a hellacious trip to Burger King/tantrum = BerManiac
Her 1st professional photo with her tongue sticking out? = BerLizard (my personal fave)
And then there were my best friends giving her nicknames: Berlynski, Berlynnie, BerBer etc etc.
{I can't forget her original nickname, and the one her Daddy still uses: Zuki.}

But, BerMonster pretty much takes the cake. Because it fits her. Now, I am not insinuating that my child is a "monster" just that it fits her sugar and spice personality. She is a sweet, precious little thing BUT she has a dark all toddlers. She has a temper, she is stubborn and extremely independent. Besides, this is the child that begs and pleads with me to watch the opening credits to "Tales from the Crypt" just so she can see the Cryptkeeper cackle. She is definitely my daughter. I am a life-long horror enthusiast and she has undoubtedly acquired some of that love. I'm kinda proud.

{Photo credit: LucidGraphicDesign 2007}

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