Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can I please take a vacation?

When it rains, it pours. This last week really put my sanity to the test:

ER visit with Berlyn? Check.
PMS for mommy? Check.
Almost losing my job? Check.
No longer fitting into ANY of my clothes because of giant weight gain? Check.
Watching bank account drain rapidly? Check.
Catching a mid-summer cold bug? Check.
Having your roommate tell you he may have to move out? Check.
Going on year #2 being totally & completely single? Check.

In the midst of all this "life stuff", I am also attending regular therapy sessions. I am a huge advocate of counseling and good mental health (who wouldn't be?) so I have never been shy to tell people I see a Psychologist. Heck, I wanted to BE one myself.. (still do actually.)

I've been learning LOTS. There is nothing better than having that light bulb go off or the bell that rings when something that has puzzled you forEVER finally makes sense. I've had several of those nifty, little ephiphanies in the last few weeks and it is comforting. As indivudual and complex as each person is, we are all very similar when it comes down to it.

The most important lesson I've learned in the midst of all of this chaos?

Life doesn't have to be a certain way. We all had visions of how we wanted things to "be" one day. Guess what? Most of the time, none of us are where we thought we would be. And, I'm learning to be okay with that.

I'm alive & healthy. I have loved ones all around me. Every day is a new day.

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