Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th Weekend!

Woooo! What a weekend! :)

(Thunderstorm on Friday night, outside of apartment)

Consisted of: being a total bum, playing beauty shop & relaxing on the couch.

I had today off. Halleluaiah.
It was a wonderfully, lazy, relaxing summer day. No plans; nothing to do.
So, my roommate, my daughter & I just hung out.

Lane decided to "do" my hair..which, really, REALLY needed some attention. I was in desperate need of a trim (cut = 2 inches or more..eeeek!) AND some color (a deep mahogany brown)...and some style. So, I let him take control.
As much as I love beauty & make-up, I really am pretty clueless when it comes to hair.

After a yummy chicken spaghetti dinner, we watched the end of "Sweet Home Alabama". Then Berlyn & I began watching "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" as Lane took a mid-evening nap. I have been on a major Southern kick lately. Of course, the 90+ weather turned into a summer thunderstorm tonight & it was completely fitting to my Southern longings.


Consisted of: country music, bbq chicken, watching Berlyn unwrap & play with all her presents and seeing (almost all) of my favorite people all in one day.

(My parents backyard, in Star, Idaho)

Began early, as it usually does, thanks to being a mom of a 2 year old. Sleeping in? What is THAT? I was up at 630 and ready to style my short hair...ugh. Then, we watched Sesame Street and waited for 11am, so we could venture over to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Berlyn's "Birthday Party" and BBQ with my family.

It felt like 100 degrees. My make-up was melting off my face. (And I want to move to the South?! I must be crazier than I Not to mention, I'm sweating in places I shouldn't be sweating in!!!)
We enjoyed our time, as we usually do, at my parents home. Always tons of food, sun, and helping hands with Berlyn. She got SPOILED ROTTEN, which, I am afraid, she might grow accustomed to. Got her very 1st Mr. Potato Head, a bathtime baby doll, Fisher Price's Little People "Mansion" and some cute lil summer outfits from Grandma.

I spent the last part of the evening with my some of my best friends. I opted not to join everyone at the big fireworks show downtown mainly because it's just too exhausting on a hot day to cart a feisty little 2 year old around. Good thing I didn't either, because later in the evening, after a short visit to see my brother & sister-in-law; Berlyn got an eye (and earful) of the fireworks in the sky and went HYSTERICAL! Poor thing..I've never seen her so scared. I had to try not to laugh as we were climbing the stairs to our apartment and the booming fireworks overhead made her scurry up our stairs like a scared little mouse. Once inside, I had to just hold her and console her. Nothing is better than holding your warm little baby, smelling her baby skin & hair and having her snuggle into you. Sighhhh. I love that part.

Consisted of: comfort food, scaring the kids on the playground, watching "Princess Diaries 2", building a fort in living room and night swimming...

End of a 3 day holiday weekend.
My daughter was down for her nap, so Lane & I sat sweltering on the deck, overlooking (lucky me), the one apartment with the best view of the playground. And even better? Every child that seems to set foot on this playground is a BULLY. They all seem to be related; and they beat the living daylights out of each other. I'm talking a 7 year old brother belting his 4 year old or 2 year sibling in the HEAD. Or throwing sand in their eyes. I have had to bite my lip about 12 times since I've lived here. Mainly, because, you never want to scold another person's child. For fear of the wrath of the other parent. I don't know who these parents are but I've never seen them. And, judging by the behavior of their children, are probably beating the crap out of them (or each other.) I'm sorry, this is not normal kid behavior. These are mean kids.

So, it all started with Lane showing me a pic of him from last Halloween. He had one of those HORRIFICLY realistic and terrifying rubber masks of a monster/goblin (with horns)...which led him to make his floor lamp into a "scarecrow". LOL. This led to us laughing hysterically, snapping pics of it & just, being silly. The next obvious move? Put it out on our deck, overlooking the playground. I nearly peed my pants when I realized that a few of the kids were pointing at it & running. Cruel? No, not really. I think they deserved it. Hilarious? Hell yes!

Here are a few of the pics. (Lane even went downstairs and took pics from the playground view.) I can't tell you how hard I laughed...tears were coming down. It was wonderful.
I guess you could say the heat (and countless cups of coffee) got to us.

The Monster, in Lane's room:

The Monster, watching the children on the playground:

The Monster, is not happy:

We (Lane) then built a fort out of chairs & pillows in the middle of the living room...Berlyn was not too sure about it:

The evening ended with Lane, being the fabulous cook that he is (and having lived in the South); making two of my most favorite foods: fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I am starting my diet tomorrow, so, this was a very enjoyable meal :) I went & grabbed some beer (and donuts, for good measure) from the Chevron down the street. The attendant said "Beer & donuts! Thatta girl!" LOL! After the delicious meal, we went to a mutual friends home to swim in her 90+ degree pool & enjoyed the summer night. And then, it was time to face another Monday!

Happy 4th Everyone! I always love, at the end of these weekends, knowing that I am surrounded by love, family & friendship. Those really are the greatest feelings in the World.

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