Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Mommy, what is THIS?!"

Is anyone else irked or weirded out by the fact that pornstar, Jenna Jameson is expecting twins???

It is definitely a women's god-given right to bear children. I agree with that whole-heartedly, even though there are SOME people who should just NOT have children! But still, I believe in the freedom.

Even myself, being a new mother, (with a NOT so squeaky clean past), there are many many things I would not be comfortable in telling my daughter...I will always be honest with her though...but only if she asks, LOL.....

But what happens when you are Jenna Jameson? Are you proud of your former profession? Are you going to try and hide your photos and films from your children one day? Make no mistake; I am extremely open-minded about sex..well, in a European way, not an American way....but I still just think it would be CRAZY for my daughter to see photos/films of me engaging in sexual activities!!! Gross!

It's gotta be weird. With that being said, I wish her luck and have no doubt she will be a fantastic mother. The best moms are always those with open minds and hearts, dont'cha think? :O

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