Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer Breeze

The funniest events tend to involve my immediate family. They amuse me beyond words.
This past weekend, my brother, Sean came over to our house to visit. He is an AMAZING, prolific musician and talent....and not just because he's my baby brother. I am damn proud of him!

One of the major commonalities between him and I has always been music. Even though we are different people with different tastes, we normally like the same kinds of stuff. We got our music loving gene from our Mom; she grew up in Southern California in the late 60's/early 70's and was an avid concert-goer and music fan. Hell, I was named after Fleetwood Mac!

So, when my brother came to visit, we were showing my Mom iTunes, because she is interested in getting an iPod (finally!)...and as extremely intelligent as my Mom is, sometimes this generation and it's technology can still baffle our parents. God bless them.

Somehow or another, Type O Negative came up between my brother and I in conversation; and I mentioned to her that they did a cover of Seals and Crofts 70's hit, "Summer Breeze", albeit in a very different style....we are talking Type O Negative here, people.

naturally curious, she wanted to hear their version....as we were trying to find the song, my brother pulled up a photo of their singer, Peter Steele....we also described his appearance in that, he is about 6'6 and HUGE. Bulging muscles. Long black hair. Kinda scary. And one of the deepest baritone voices I have ever heard.

When the song came on and she stared at his photo (lol...and mentioned how ATTRACTIVE he was - my Mom never ceases to amaze me!)....the lyrics "....Jasmine running through my mind..." played, my Mom looked at us and said,

"Somehow I doubt that man knows anything about Jasmine running through his mind."

Gotta love those hippies.

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