Saturday, October 15, 2011

Punching Bags are a Wonderful X-Mas Gift.

Expectations are useless. Especially if they are of other people. My new motto?  

“FUCK ‘EM. Take care of yourself. The end.”

{Sorry, that was a little harsh but, well, it needed to be said.}

The list of “stresses” I have in my own life is about 5 pages long. Will I share them with you?

Hell no.

Sorry, no offense, but my problems are not YOUR problems and it’s pointless to burden others(you)with your (my)own negativity.

Something to remember though, and I always come back to this ---------- >

(*There are so many people I wish I could share that above photo with. Seriously. Just cram it down their throat. I know, personally, it's made me stop short and want to slap myself upside my OWN head.)

Let’s just say: Stress is NOT my friend. I got some advice from my nearest and dearest recently on how they deal with stress since I am so obviously clueless. My favorite response, by far, was from my sister in law. 

“Punching bags.”

Oh, lord that would be heaven. Who wants to buy me an an early Christmas gift? Anyone?

But, the one that kept coming up was pretty simple.... Breathing. Relaxing, Peace. Meditation.

Do you have any idea how often I’ve dreamed of this unattainable world of peace?!?!
*More times than I’ve thought of naughty time with Criss Angel*

I have lingered around the Buddhist teachings (loosely) in the past and always, ALWAYS come back to them. I think it's a beautiful culture....a beautiful practice, and one that very definitely needs to be a part of my own life.

So, today, at my own personal breaking point – I made a sign - and I am not sharing it with you because, well, it sucks. I have the artistic skills of a 2nd grader. It reads:

"Mommy is Meditating."

Will it work?

Let’s hope for the sake of all the little children (namely, Berlyn), it does.


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