Sunday, October 2, 2011

NAMI Boise Walk

This past Saturday, my mom, my daughter, myself and 2 of my friends, walked in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Boise, Id. I had wanted to do this walk, but with all the personal crap going on, I neglected to complete the sign up, and make the plans. Typical. But I didn't count on my amazing mother to do it for me and organize a team and a time for us to actually DO IT.
How lucky am I? =)

We completed the 3K and along the way, met up with an old friend of our family, Linda (who is the mother of Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, who recently took his own life.) We met Linda about 15 years ago when we first moved to Idaho and she was our family's nurse. I have never met someone as self-less and kind as her and, until today, didn't put two and two together to realize she was Jeret's mom. (Boise is so small!). Needless to say, it was wonderful to see her beautiful face.

Walking in support of this cause was especially important to MY family. 

Our team was called "3 Generations." Our family has suffered mental illnesses on both sides. We hope to put the kibosh on yet another generation (aka my daughter) having to deal with mental illness; the stigma and the anguish that goes along with it.
Activism is definitely an interest of mine, especially when it hits so close to home.

Please support NAMI here:

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