Monday, October 24, 2011

The Grass Really Is Greener...

I made a huge transition recently. Or, really, just took a giant leap; into uncharted territory and I am tackling one of my greatest fears - self confidence and belief in myself.

I recently changed jobs. Now, like many, many people out there, my jobs have been, well....JOBS. They paid the bills. They were a necessary responsibility and I did it. Would I have liked to be a stay at home mom, or a full time student? Absolutely. But I haven't been dealt those particular circumstances.....yet.
In the meantime, I, like many of you have been searching for a job that I actually (gasp) ENJOY. Out of every job I've had, only 2 or 3 were something I didn't dread doing day after day.

Finding myself unemployed a few weeks ago, I decided to be picky - for probably one of the first times in my entire life. The most important thing was knowing what I did NOT want to do - that was key. I interviewed with Macy's to do make-up. Even though that would have been a dream, it didn't pan out. Okay, fine by me. Let's move on. So, I applied with a local company that specializes in companion care and care-giving for the elderly and disabled.
I was beyond blessed (and over-joyed) to be offered not only a position with the company, but, a very important position at that. I am now the Human Resources Manager and I am definitely in new and unfamiliar waters. BUT, they believed in me and, I am starting to believe in myself.

This job is pretty close to being tailor made for me - I am good with people. I care. I want them to succeed. I want the clients to be well taken care of. I genuinely am compassionate about this new venture. I see it as an extension of psychology and social work and that is FANTASTIC.

Am I scared, nervous, unsure? YES! But I know I am going to excel. And good things will come of this. What a wonderful gift I've been given!

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