Sunday, September 25, 2011

D I Y. What a concept.

I am SO SO excited about all the ideas and inspiration I have been getting over at

I literally feel like I could be Martha Stewart - but, wayyyyyy cooler - if i really wanted to be.

But, it probably won't happen. I am a Sagittarius after all and we are well, flakes.

I do intend to do some of the easier projects though very, very soon.

Like, this:

dresser drawer = dollhouse!

And, this:

spray painted plates and goblets = serving tray

And, this:

cereal canister = car trash can

And, this:

old suitcases = nightstand

And maybe even THIS:

ugly dresser = work of art

Oh, and this (I snapped this pic at the Art in the Park in Boise, ID - it's not from pinterest.):

*You do need an invite to get onto Pinterest so I hope you can find someone to invite you. Or, if I like you, I'll gladly send you one -teehee! =)

In addition to Pinterest, I found a site that I will probably visit every day.  And maybe add to myself in the future!

Better After does the whole "before/after" thing but I was astonished by some of the ideas. WHERE do people come up with this stuff?! Needless to say, after about an hour of perusing their website, I a) couldn't get to sleep because of all the ideas that were zipping through my head and b) kept waking up to look at all the furniture in my house and plan their "makeovers" meticulously. 

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful obsession. ♥

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