Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas

So much has gone on these past few days I am not sure what to do with myself at the moment. It’s quiet and I took a nap today and I feel like this is the calm before the storm. New Year’s is looming, as is another packed semester and lots of life changes in the wings. Luckily, we had a great Christmas this year and I feel ready to launch my butt into 2011.
Last week, we held a Christmas Party, I finished my finals and as usual, had some funny (and not so funny) things occur. {See slide show below}. Among them, my car was stuck in a ditch on the morning of my last final. Luckily, I made it – and passed. But Berlyn was concerned that my car had been “stuck in the bitch.” Ahahahahaha! A few days ago I was approached by a talent agency wanting to represent Berlyn. I was sceptical, of course, and after talking to tons of friends about it, decided – not right now. And at our Christmas Party, she approached one of our good family friends and asked him “if (his wife) that lady was his daughter?” The entire party erupted in laughter.

As I get older, I realize the fewer items I own, the better my life is and I am more appreciative of everything around me. Some of the gifts I received really made me value the people in my life and what I already have.

Christmas Eve was nice. We shared it with my brother, my sister-in-law and a family friend, Matt. Berlyn continued to be a “naughty one” all the way until the end. Some things (and people) you just cannot change. She is a pistol. And I love her for it.

This morning we opened the presents and now all is quiet. Berlyn is with her Dad for their Christmas and will no doubt, make out like a bandit. Again. My big present of the year was a handmade purse from my sister, Michelle. It’s scarlet red and has an Edgar Allen Poe poem embroidered on it. She is a wiz at arts, crafts and design. Berlyn too received a handmade gift of groceries made out of felt with a shopping bag and my parents received hand loomed portraits of each of their mothers (my grandmothers). I even got a belated Birthday gift from my best friend in Texas! Dawn attended a Mickey Avalon show a few weeks ago and that little sneak got me an autographed t-shirt. Seriously – I could not ask for better friends.

Berlyn got everything she wanted. Everything. Lucky little stinker! This includes the Pillow Pet (thank you Jesus!), a Thomas the Train set and an “alive” baby – unfortunately the thing sounds like it is being murdered when it cries. I wish I were joking. And, Berlyn’s favorite gift? Wouldn’t you know it – it was a dollar store flashlight. Yep – my daughter was more excited with that and her magnifying glass than anything else.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season this year! In true Sarah fashion, I am anticipating next year already. I seem to live my life with a “cart before the horse” mentality sometimes but, eh, I’m ok with that. Besides, it’s all about getting motivated to improve things – and “motivation” is my word for 2011.

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