Friday, November 26, 2010

31 is almost 40, ya know.

My post title? Yeah....those were the kind words my Dad offered to me regarding my birthday. Thanks Dad. Really. You shouldn't have.

This past week was Thanksgiving week. It was also my birthday week. I had something planned every single day, which rarely, if ever, happens to me. Although a few of my plans fell through and I wasn't in the *greatest* of moods, it was still so much fun.

The week started off with me tuning into Skating w/ the Stars and watching Vince Neil's performance that evening (see previous post: Rather Boring Update). My god. I was like an epileptic on a hot tin roof. I guess I had my face all contorted or something and was squealing like a pig because Berlyn asked me, rather alarmed "What's wrong, Momma?" Hahahaha. I was just nervous for Vince. I get that way about my Motley boys. I make fun of them relentlessly but I am fiercely protective. Basically, I will cut you if you talk crap. I'm a freak...I know.

My birthday. Turning 31 felt a wee bit more terrifying than 30. I don't know why. Maybe because turning 30 was a milestone, and now being IN my actual 30s is just depressing. (Not to mention that sweet comment my Dad made.) The truth is I still get mistaken for being 21. No joke. I haven't really aged much in the last 10 years. I am so thankful but also know, it could change any minute. I could be the Cryptkeeper tomorrow. But my morning was off to a good start. As I walked through our living room Berlyn decided to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Now, if you haven't had the privilege to hear my little one are missing out. She's got the most perfect little baby chipmunk voice and she can completely carry a tune. I'm almost tempted to turn into one of those show biz moms and get her into Hollywood. Almost. I admit, I signed into Facebook just to see how many people wished me Happy Birthday. And I wasn't disappointed. I got some rather funny posts; even a video serenade by one of my favorite people! And I was left feeling like I was truly loved. Nothing feels better than that. My best friend posted EIGHT posts for me, hahaha. I think she was excited it was my birthday. What a sweetie. Not to mention the gift she is sending me is going to top them all....stay tuned!

The downside of the day? I ran out of cigarettes and was unable to enjoy a smoke. I know, boohoo. It's a gross habit and I should quit but dammit, it was my birthday. I deserved a stupid cigarette. Can you tell I am cranky about this? Well, I am. Normally my birthday doesn't mean anything to me. I've had very few birthdays that were actually enjoyable. Let alone had a party for. The last GREAT birthday party I ever had? It was in 1992 and one of my junior high friends threw me a party at a pizzeria where we were all kicked out of after we messed with the volume controls on the jukebox and resulted in Guns N Roses "Get in the Ring" blasting as loudly as a jet. Of course this was a family establishment and if you know the actual words to "Get in the Ring"? Well get it. It was rad. Anyways major birthday dinner this year consisted of some of my family: my Mom, my Dad, my brother, Cari and Berlyn.  And, my favorite meal (my mom's spaghetti, garlic bread and salad). Other than that, it was laid-back and not much ballyhoo. Fine by me. Oh, we also got a video of me being sung "Happy Birthday" (again) by Berlyn and her also making sure I unwrapped my presents the way she wanted to = in 5 seconds.

Berlyn and I, 11.23.10

I was irritated for some reason, immediately. Probably because I was broke, hadn't had a cigarette in 48 hours and the roads were crap. Add to that it was about 9 degrees outside.
I did a lot of cleaning in preparation for our Thanksgiving meal. But things quickly turned around.  In the evening, I got ready for a night out with my brother, sister in law and their friends. My brother Sean has been a musician for years. And, a rather talented one at that. Many years ago this sweet guy was in his band and one of his best friends. He's now all grown up (kinda) and in his very own band here in Boise called The Forgotten. We all trekked down to The Knitting Factory (where I have seen, oh about 20+ shows in past years) and enjoyed a rather rowdy time! I came to the realization that being at concerts and around musicians is when I am truly in my element. I need to explore this Gotta get working on that "marrying a rock star" thing. I ran into my friend of 10 years, Shane; I got hit on by young and old men (even getting sucked into a mini therapy session with an old biker who had recently been to put my Psych skills to work!) and ended the night watching "The Lost Boys", eating Taco Bell and lying by my brother's fireplace. Sigh....was a good night.

My beautiful sis in law and I, 11.24.10

My brother, sis in law, Logan and I, 11.24.10

Logan is the one we went to see and support. Love him!

Thanksgiving! My morning began by a) eating a delicious raspberry and creme pastry, b) watching Kylie Minogue (and others) on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, c) getting furious with my stupid laptop (hello, 2 weeks before finals is NOT the time to crap out on me!) and d) smelling the cooking onions that 4 years prior were the final hint that maybe I was pregnant! {I was insanely nauseous and couldn't figure out why. The very next day...I took the test and BAM! Baby on the way.} 
This is the first year I have not had Berlyn with me. I went ahead and let her Dad have her for several days as his family was in town and I felt like it was a good idea. It feels so disorienting to not have your child on a major holiday but....I got to be a grown-up again, participate in the conversations and the wine drinking. Another clue I am an official grown-up? (Hahaha, at 31 I should hope so...) -- I spent the evening alone in my room, listening to jazz and writing my last 2 papers and portfolio for school. And watching "Niagara" with Marilyn Monroe while sipping a glass of wine. I am such a party animal.

My Dad and I on Thanksgiving

Eating with my cousin, aunt and uncle!

I was supposed to have this day "off" and go with my parents to take a winery tour; something I've wanted to do for a loooong time. But, Berlyn's dad wasn't able to keep her for the day so I spent it at home, with my girl. I couldn't believe I was actually able to eat a bite today. I have never ate more than I did this Thanksgiving. Diet is being!

Only one month until Christmas! I can't wait.

Much love,

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