Friday, November 19, 2010

A (Rather Uneventful) Update

Around here, things have been fairly mellow (THANK GOD).

I am ramping up for my last few weeks of school and all of a sudden it's like a blitzkrieg of papers, tests and projects. Feels like a full semester crammed into one week. It's insane. What's the most unsettling about it all is not that I can't do it or don't have the intellect to but that if I don't pass, goodbye financial aid. That is just mean. So, the fire has been lit under my buns and I am ready to tackle this head on. And on and on. I have about 1 1/2 more years of this. Sigh. But I signed up for it so I'll shut up now.

Onto Berlyn. She is a pistol. And a true princess. But I wouldn't have her any other way. She has a fiery temper but an insanely sweet and adorable side. She's a bit like Sybil. Sometimes she takes on a personality that completely floors me and then, she's back. Haha. I feel awful for comparing my 3 year old to a multiple personality but, well aren't all 3 year olds like that? Her newest favorite pastime is making "chubby" faces (see pic), suffocating my Siamese cat while telling her "she's her Mommy", calling my dad a "drama queen" and screaming at anyone who dares talk when she is watching TV to "BE QUIET!!!". Her manners need to be worked on, I suppose. But she is an endless supply of laughs and cuddles so I can't complain.....much.

I am very excited, as I always am, about the upcoming holidays.

My birthday and Thanksgiving are in the same week (and sometimes on the same day, depending on the year) and I fight tooth and nail every year with my mom about if she is or isn't making mashed potatoes. There are just some things you don't mess with and no one takes away my mashed potatoes. I love the tradition of having family around us but as years have gone by (and after we moved to Idaho) our traditions have changed. We are virtually the only ones here in Idaho and I miss those giant family dinners we used to have. My brother is married and he has his own family and sometimes I think, Berlyn and I are our own family and might one day have new traditions and I am really looking forward to that. So, for now, I enjoy what I can. Besides, my mom is an awesome cook.

Christmas is going to rock this year. Berlyn is at the perfect age now. We talk about what gifts she wants and that Santa is "watching her" and she best be good. I just think it's creepy as hell to tell a little girl that an old guy is watching her all the time, ha. But that's just me. On Berlyn's list this year, this is what she wants: Scooby Doo videos, Baby Alive (*shudder*), Thomas the Train play set and the PILLOW PET. God, if I have to hear about this thing one more time..I will explode. All I can say is, Santa better get her that damn thing or else I will have to go steal one.

In January I start a new semester and am taking on 5 classes =  13 credits. (One of the classes is only 1!). I have my work cut out for me. Somehow I am going to need to develop a superpower by then so that I: only require 2 hours of sleep, can go go go like the Energizer Bunny annnnd no longer need to eat. I came across some old pics of me, from about 2 years ago...and I cried. I am a whale now compared to then so I think food and I need to just break up.

On another note, I found this a few days ago.

What is this, you ask? It's a publicity still from the upcoming season of "Skating with the Stars."
Now...I have never  watched any of these crap shows like "Dancing with the Stars", "So you think you can dance", "American Idol"....blah blah blah. I see their appeal, they are entertaining but I kind of prefer an actual script or storyline with shows I watch.

But this one caught my attention. Why? Well..I draw your attention to the blonde gentleman smack in the middle of the photo (with the girl in red). That, my friends, is my one time true love, Vince Neil. Skating. On TV. I can't even believe this crap. Oh how the mighty have fallen. RIP Vince and how cool he used to be.

It's probably going to snow this week. How much do I detest the snow? More than football, job interviews, changing dirty diapers and Eminem combined. Thank the lord my parents have an awesome fireplace.

I will be back soon. In the meantime, I hope all my friends and family enjoy the holidays, the shopping, the booze, the freezing cold and the nausea of eating too much.


PS: An update on my book. It's on hold for the time being. But only until the new year. Got to get through school first. I will inform everyone if anything exciting happens!!!

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