Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Important Things

I have begun to seek fulfillment in other ways. Selfless ways that help others. Kind of like a personal "crusade". I am amped up and ready to start giving of myself, in all the ways that I can. Volunteering, supporting, being an activist for causes I strongly believe in. With the hope of one day being in the Psychology or Social Work field, I am beginning to look at all avenues leading to being a true humanitarian.

Here are some of the causes/organizations I am following and urge you to do the same! Follow a cause that makes you passionate or excited or warm inside ♥

Runaways are a very personal (and soft) subject for me. I have the most compassion and empathy for this plight because of my own experiences and obstacles. My biggest dream would be to work in a runaway shelter and just be there to talk to these kids and listen to them. That's usually all that they really need.

**I do, eventually, plan on writing about my runaway days on this blog. Stay Tuned!

National Runaway Switchboard
The Covenant House

Domestic Violence, Abuse, Sexual Assault...horrible, ugly things that unfortunately do exist in our World. There are so many great organizations that can help though so look for them, wherever you are.

The Women's and Children's Alliance

AIDS and HIV are another one of those deeply personal subjects for me. I had a loved one die from the disease when I was 12 years old and it devastated me. But, it also opened my eyes to a real problem, with a real prejudice and stigma attached to it that I felt was not right. On another note, it made me open to alternate lifestyles (gay, lesbian) that I had yet to learn much about.

The AIDS Support Organization

Here are a few others I believe in and are worth looking into....

National Alliance to End Homelessness

American Cancer Society

Literacy for Life

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