Friday, November 6, 2009


Hi there sweet things!

I took a few days off from the world wide web and I feel fantastic and refreshed!

In between reading like a fiend (seriously, 3 books in 2 days!), running on the treadmill & dieting (goodbye 5 lbs!) and watching "Clean House" like it's going out of style, I feel quite pleased with myself.

Berlyn has been so fun these last few weeks. I think she really loves having her mommy home with her and I love it too. We are bonding, giggling, playing and cuddling so much more now than ever - it's wonderful!!!

I'm still being patient on waiting for school to begin and for my former employer to come through with the unemployment funds, but other than that, life is really great. Just learning to be patient and occupy my time (and mind) with productive, important things...hard to do but so worth the effort!

It's gonna be a rainy, dreary weekend in Boise, but I can't complain. Nothing better than being indoors, curled up by the fire and being content & peaceful.
Enjoy your weekend everyone! ♥


Blondie said...

You're back! You glad you enjoyed your time off. It seems like you accomplished a lot. I wish it would rain here all weekend. Nothing better. Have a great weekend sweetie. Kori xoxo

Miss Go Lightly said...

Welcome back! ;) Sometimes it's great to take a break from the good ol' www world :) Glad you're feeling refreshed doll and that you and Berlyn are bonding more and more! Have a great weekend!

Chic Mama said...

Yay! Well done on the reading and losing five pounds! Any tips ? ;0)