Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I Love Today: Ste. Chappelle Soft Red

One of my truest loves is a simple bottle of wine. I am usually very keen on white wines. Preferably a White Zinfandel, thanks in part to my parents love of it. But also because I have a sweet tooth, and if I'm not drinking White Zin, you'll always see me drinking fruity beverages and cocktails. I usually am the only one in my group of friends who drinks the stuff! And I do get made fun of for it, but it's all out of love (I think) :)
I have a hard time enjoying anything "red". It's too bitter for my tastes. And, I detest how it stains your teeth & lips = not sexy!

But, recently, another one of my good friends introduced me to this little gem:
Ste Chappelle's Soft Red.

It's sweet! I am in love! (Bonus Points: It's made in Idaho!):

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