Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Chompers

My 2 year old now has nearly all of her baby teeth. And, she LOVES to brush them! Morning, noon & night.

Recently, she is obsessed with getting into our bathroom and brushing her teeth. Mainly if she sees me doing it, she must do it too. She will actually throw a full-fledged tantrum if I'm not moving fast enough for her. She more or less just bites the toothbrush & moves it around in her mouth. Then, she will proclaim "Yummy!!!" (she likes the toothpaste). LOL!

Now, if I could just get her to like having her hair done, we will be all set! :)

I'm so pleased when I see that she has already developed a good habit (especially, so young!) That was one of my biggest fears about being a mother; having a rude, little monster...haha! She has great manners (usually) and people are always surprised to hear my 2 year old saying "Thank you, Mama" and "Please". But, I can't take all the credit. She has had 2 *amazing* daycare ladies already in her life. Not to mention, some great family!

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