Friday, July 17, 2009

Blast from the Past! 90's Edition

***I am literally DYING of laughter right now....laughing at myself. Omg, wow. I was funny! I wanted to do a writing prompt, and this one looked fun...but the pics are just too much!

"What did you imagine yourself being like when you were older? Write about it." (I chose to show pictures instead of write about's funner that way. Yes, I said funner.)

Oh, to be 11 years old again. 1991, I miss you so. And, FYI, I am being completley and totally serious, people. Mock me, if you will.

I wanted to look like this:

I wanted this car:

I wanted this guy:

(yes, that is a guy.)

This is the music I listened to nonstop:

These were the clothes I envisoned myself wearing:

This was the place I wanted to live:

This was my favorite tv show (in addition to "Married with Children"):

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