Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{10 Things}

Here's (10) things that make *me* happy:

:1: Berlyn Elise – My daughter. I love her zest for life! And her little giggle is to die for.

:2: My Loved Ones - My family, My friends...I have some great ones! :)

:3: Sushi - I could easily eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

:4: Coffee – I love everything about it. Nothing better than sitting outside, sipping some joe. And, the sweeter the better.

:5: David Lynch movies – Brilliant man. Artistic & inspiring in sooo many ways. I always describe his movies as being like "a giant brain puzzle", I will spend hours mulling over what I think his plot was about.

:6: Marilyn Monroe - It is no secret. She is my idol. She is the epitome of feminity for me. Glamour, style, fun. I can't imagine a better female role model, actually.
And, her movies are an instant mood lifter for me!

:7: Billie Holiday's music - One of my all time faves. Classic Jazz is one of my truest loves and joys.

:8: Sugar - I have one of the sweetest tooths around!

:9: Paris - The City. The People. The Fashion. The Culture. Everything about it = LOVE.

:10: Psychology - I am just fascinated by every aspect of the subject. I wish I had stayed in school, mainly so that I could be doing this for a living!

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