Friday, June 26, 2009


I am completely in shock about Michael Jackson's death yesterday.

But, I'm in even MORE shock about the fact that people are so cold, mean & heartless about it.

We all have our own opinions about Michael's life..whether or not he did like little boys..or maybe, just thought he WAS one...that's not our damn business.
This was a human life. He contributed 1,000 times more than YOU did to the World. So, shut it.

I have loved him my whole life. I respected him. And I felt sorry for him.
Can you imagine the amount of pressure on one single person? No wonder he went crazy!
Funny how our society, when they don't like something or (ahem..don't understand something) they immediately attack, pass judgements and feed off of drama & pain & misery. I really dislike our society sometimes. We complain about the over-saturation of the media in our lives...yet, who do ya think buys the tabloids? US!

Really, I am just sad. Bummed. It's so jolting when someone like Michael dies, in our lifetime. Someone we have always known to "be there". It reminds us of several things:
Life is short. We are mortal and will die one day. And, because of that - we need to live our lives well. Enjoy it. Enjoy our loved ones.
Get out there and do what WE want to do in our lifetime. Because, we only get one.

Maybe, it can also teach us another lesson - about how to treat people properly & as human beings. Just a thought.

None of us lived with him. None of us knew what went on in his mind or heart. Why don't we just leave it at that & let him rest in peace.

God Bless & Michael, you will be missed! xoxo

PS~ This was taken from a blog I follow and I think she said this PERFECTLY...
"As I sit here today, submerged in a never-ending sea of snippets about Michael Jackson, I can’t help but feel a little ashamed. We made him. We made him and we laughed when he fell apart. Dress it up, take it out to dinner, hell, take it home to meet Dear Old Dad, we can’t escape that cold hard fact."

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Blasé said...

I left you a comment on "Things to Remember" post.

O'l MJ...his eccentric nature brought him down, finally. He left much for us to enjoy.