Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14th.

Funny how depression & mental illness can make people so uncomfortable.

Or treat you like they don't really "know you anymore".

I guess it's easy for someone who has never had those problems to discount depression as being just a "funk" or a "bad mood"... or try to resolve it by telling the person to just "get over it or shrug it off."

Yeah, I think I would've "gotten over it" by now. I've had it for 23 years. I totally enjoy being this way.

I don't quite understand mental illness myself, except for 3 things:

1. Some people get it; some people don't.
2. It's genetic. So, those are the usual suspects who are gonna end up with it.
3. It's an imbalance, chemically.

All the studies have been done. They are medical facts. Look em up.

It takes a strong person to go through mental illness' ups and downs.
It takes a stronger person to stand by that person & just be their friend, no matter what.

With that, I know in time, I will be more than fine. I am human. I make mistakes, but at my core; I am good. I have lots of living to do still. I don't intend to let "this" get the best of me. Not by a long shot.

On a side note, I read a great article this morning about another thing I struggle with (and really, who doesn't?!)...forgiveness.

Many times, we all take something the wrong way. And, we get hurt. Some of us are more sensitive than others. Learning to let things slide off your back definitely takes time. For some of us, we are just beginning on that journey. Others may have mastered it. I'm still at square one. I have much resentment & bitterness built up from years of life events; feeling hurt, betrayed, used & angry. It does not, and will not, go away overnight. Or from a few counseling sessions. But, it will go away. That is something I am really looking forward to overcoming one day soon.

Forgiveness is hard for me sometimes. But, I am capable of it. Pretty much, always. I forgive just about everyone. I often think I should be more selective. But then, after reading this, I see it's about doing the right thing, for yourself. The only one who really suffers is "you."

****From Jonathan Lockwood's newsletter, "Simply An Inspired Life"****

To expand upon the nature and benefits of forgiveness, let's look first at what it means to forgive. The dictionary tells us that "to forgive" means "to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for something they did or failed to do." It does not mean that you believe what the person did was acceptable then, or is now acceptable, or ever could be acceptable.

Forgiveness is about ending your anger. Anger is a destructive human emotion that rots our insides. It causes much of the physical illness in the world as well as untold emotional suffering. Freeing yourself from as much anger as you are holding is like taking a three hundred pound weight off your chest and six daggers out of your ribs.

The better question might be, "How can you NOT forgive?" Forgiveness - forgiveness of all people and all acts - is a sure path to happiness.

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