Sunday, October 5, 2008

I want to be like Tallulah Bankhead.

Last night was our 3rd installment of "Five Star Film Club" that was founded by the Hobbs (Brent and Brittany) as a way for our large group of friends to have an inexpensive and fun way of getting together, watching flicks, eating yummy food and partaking in wine consumption and smoking, all while in the comfort of their cozy little home. It is a hit! Our film last evening was one I'd never heard of; an Alfred Hitchcock flick from 1944 called "Lifeboat" was so good, especially for being a black and white! LOL.

Tallulah Bankhead was the star; a very sophisticated, "Eurotrash" sort of lady but definitely MY kind of gal. Throughout the film she had perfect makeup, flowing locks, clever little quips and also the attention of the very attractive leading man (John Hodiak)......all while ending nearly every sentence in a pretensious "dahling".... :)

I have such an adoration for those old Hollywood actresses......the ones today couldn't hold a matchstick to the Monroe's, Hayworth's, Gardners', Bacalls, talent nor in beauty.

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~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Oh wholeheartedly agree with you, dahling. On the way home, Chris and I discussed the movie and Tallulah was one of my favorite parts. I love how old Hollywood spoke. That accent-which-is-not-quite-an-accent. Audrey Hepburn had it. Katherine Hepburn had it. I want it! :)