Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Small Miracle

I am sure that many of you in my personal life, as well as Bloggerland, have heard me this past year sob, moan and complain about "losing my entire life" earlier this year.

Dramatic, much? No, never!

Anyways, quick re-cap: back in January my computer decided to commit suicide....not once, not twice; THREE freaking times.
Really? I have to mention this was also right in the midst of my COLLEGE courses.

My brother is a computer whiz but even he couldn't stop the viruses and the ultimate death of my photos, music, videos and documents . To say I was crushed is an understatement. I honestly think I went into shock and stayed there. It never fully hit me that I'd lost the first drafts of my book, my daughter's baby pics and VIDEOS (these were totally irreplaceable; they weren't backed up or on the net ANYWHERE!) and of course, the 12,000 + songs I had in my iTunes.

I just plugged along and thought, "Guess I am starting over. Again." *sigh*

So, yesterday (after a week of becoming unemployed, being sick, having my landlord harass me about the stupid lawn, and going without heat in our house) this all sounds way worse than it is, by the way, trust me; I went to my parents house for Sunday dinner.

My brother showed up and laid some news on me.

"So, you know how you lost all those files? Well, I think I found them." (my brother is always this blunt. I love it.)

I think I just sat there, like a lump for a minute or two. I don't remember much after that. My ears were ringing and my head was floating.

He plugged his external drive into my laptop and PRESTO! There were my videos, my awful poems, Berlyn's baby pictures and yes, all 12,000 songs I had lost.

Seriously, that is some major LUCK. Or, as my mom (and I) would agree - an answered prayer. Maybe God feels bad for all the shit I've gone through in the last little while? (Just kidding, JC!) Or maybe, it's just time things start to go my way.

Oh, and the first thing I looked at? Berlyn's videos.

Originally I was going to post a video of Berlyn from her 1st time to Disneyland when she was 1. But, I still have the same crappy PC (yes, unbelievable) and the video took FOREVER to load.

So, instead enjoy the utter cuteness of newborn Berlyn and me, and my brother - being TOTAL dorks with her. The best part? My proclamation on "how heavy she is." Um, yeah. Pretty sure she only weighed about 10 pounds.

Is there a lesson in all of this?

BACK UP YOUR SHIT. Seriously. I can't believe how stupid I was not owning an external drive of my own before this.


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