Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh my god...did she really just say that?!

A few weeks ago, I was being a total slug, lying on my bed while watching my newest favorite guilty pleasure, "Charmed."
(yeah, I's totally embarrassing...yada yada).
All of a sudden, one of the characters yelled "Step back, bitch!". (Uh, why this was on "Charmed", I have no idea.)

Berlyn stopped playing with her toys and looked up at the TV.

I completely froze. I looked at Berlyn and not a mili-second later, she yelled,

Immediately, I burst out laughing as tears came down my face. Then, I promptly stopped and yelled at her.

"No! You do NOT say that word!" I screamed.
I always knew I would struggle with two things being a mother.

One, I think when children use profanity it is HILARIOUS. 

And two, I have always been very open and "bohemian" in my views and parenting style so a lot of things that upset other mothers do not upset me. I don't want to raise a sheltered, scared, paranoid little girl.

But, I have to draw the line at "bitch". 
At least until she's 10, right?


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Blondie said...

This made me laugh! I needed that today! Kori xoxo